Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dimsum-ing at The Duck King | Summarecon Mal Serpong

I guess you all have heard about The Duck King, right? They have many branches in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bekasi, Banjarmasin and Bandung. The Duck King restaurants do not serve pork dishes, so Moslems are frequent customers to all its branches. As it's obvious from its name, duck is their speciality. But this time, instead of share about their duck dishes, I will write about their dim sum dishes. Dimsum-ing at The Duck King? Why not? :)

Crispy Fish Skin
Crispy Fish Skin - IDR 12 K ++
The crispness and saltiness of this crispy fish skin was so addictive. It was a good starter to stimulate my appetite. But I personally think that the price is expensive for such a small portion.

Hakau - IDR 26.8 K ++
Hakau is one of dim sum dishes that I never get bored with. I love them! :)

Lumpia Udang Kulit Tahu
Lumpia Udang Kulit Tahu - IDR 26.8 K ++

Cheong Fen Udang
Cheong Fen Udang - IDR 31.8 K ++

Pangsit Udang Mayo
Pangsit Udang Mayo - IDR 26.8 K ++

Ayam Cha Siew Pao
Ayam Cha Siew Pao - IDR 24.8 K ++

Siew Mai
Siew Mai - IDR 26.8 K ++

Lo Mai Kai
Lo Mai Kai - IDR 24.8 K ++
Lo mai kai is a steamed sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. This one had chicken and salted egg yolk as the filling. Somehow it's similar with an Indonesian savory snack made of glutinous rice filled seasoned shredded chicken which is called Lemper.

Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam
Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam - IDR 24.8 K ++
Overall, it's not a bad idea to have dim sum at here. Their foods tasted delicious and not disappointing at all.

The Duck King
Summarecon Mal Serpong
1st Floor Unit 218

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