Monday, September 19, 2016

Seorae Korean Grill | Flavor Bliss - Tangerang

A few weeks ago, I visited Seorae Korean Grill which is located at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera. The building consists of two parts : the front one and the back one. The front one is much brighter than the back one. So I decided to have a seat at the front one for better pictures of course. :)

Banchan (Side Dishes)
The variety of banchan (side dishes) served at Seorae was fewer compared to other Korean restaurant that I've visited.

Budae Jjigae
Budae Jjigae - IDR 188.8 K ++
Budae Jjigae a.k.a Army Base Stew consists of spam, bacon, minced pork, sausage, tofu, fish cakes, tteok (rice cakes), korean ramen, sweet potato vermicelli, mixed vegetables & kimchi, cooked in gochujang (Korean pepper paste) sauce. They had 2 meat options that you can choose : pork or beef.
The portion was huge. Even though there were 3 of us, there was some left over budae jjigae.
This budae jjigae tasted good and not spicy (for me). It was a little bit sour and refreshing.

Kimchi Bento Box
Kimchi Bento Box - IDR 39.8 K ++
Kimchi fried rice served with sunny side up and nori (seaweed). Simply delicious!

Galmaegisal - IDR 89.8 K ++
Galmaegisal is pork skirt-meat dish marinated with some authentic Korean spices. This one is Seorae's signature dish. The pork meat was tender, juicy, and well-marinated. It was sweet and tasty. Recommended!
Overall, Seorae serves delicious food with reasonable price. But I think the variety and the taste of side dishes can be improved.

Seorae Flavor Bliss

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