Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bogana Milka | Simply Satisfying Rice Box

Last week I got a rice box which was made by Bogana Milka. I got curious after tasting it so I browsed through their website ( to find more about it. Bogana Milka is focusing on home-cooked Indonesian dishes. 

This one is called Nasi Udang Selera. It was a savory rice with special crispy shrimps, sweet and sour beef jerky, serundeng (Indonesian sauteed grated coconut), sauteed tempe and sambal in red onion oil.
Maybe it looked like an ordinary rice box. But trust me, the taste was not ordinary! Every ingredient was well-combined one another and creating a delicious harmony. You should try it by yourself. :)
What I like the most is the crispy shrimps. Like its name, the shrimps was crispy, so tasty and flavorful. The beef jerky was tender, not too dry and well-marinated. The sauteed tempe and serundeng were also good. I do really like their sambal. In my opinion, it tasted like Sambal Matah Bali.
I am so curious to taste another dishes on their menu. I hope I get the chance soon. 

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