Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lot 9 | Bintaro - Tangerang

Lot 9 is a hangout place that is located at Bintaro Sektor 9. They serve various Indonesian food and drinks with unique names. The place is cozy and it has quite big parking area. They have two dining areas : indoor and outdoor.

The interior is pretty decent.

Pisang Bakar
Pisang Bakar - IDR 28 K ++
Grilled banana topped with shredded cheese and chocolate sprinkles.

Nasi Goreng Balapan
Nasi Goreng Balapan - IDR 42 K ++
Fried rice served with fried egg, meatballs, sausage, beef floss, pickled pineapple and crackers.

Gado-Gado - IDR 38 K ++ 
Gado-gado is Indonesian version of salad. It consists of boiled vegetables like spinach, bean sprouts etc, hard-boiled egg, served with peanut sauce and topped with fried shallots and crackers.

Sate Ayam
Sate Ayam - IDR 45 K ++

Ayam Cabe Ijo
Ayam Cabe Ijo - IDR 40 K ++
Grilled chicken served with green chili sauce.

Nasi Goreng Gila
Nasi Goreng Gila - IDR 42 K ++
Fried rice served with scrambled eggs, sausage, shredded chicken, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, beef floss, pickled pineapple and prawn cracker.
The fried rice tasted good while the shredded chicken tasted sweet, tasty and slightly spicy.

Janji Joni
Janji Joni - IDR 35 K ++
A mix of avocado, coffee and chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream. For you who haven't heard about Janji Joni, it is actually an Indonesian movie's name.

Rembulan Senja
Rembulan Senja - IDR 35 K ++
A mix of pomegranate, mint and soda.

Frappe Frozen Oreo
Frappe Frozen Oreo - IDR 35 K ++

Es Kelapa Genit
Es Kelapa Genit - IDR 28 K ++

Inem Pelayan Seksi
Inem Pelayan Seksi - IDR 35 K ++
A mix of peach, orange and sprite. Inem Pelayan Seksi is also an Indonesian movie's name.

Overall, Lot 9 was a good place for hangout with its nice ambience. The taste of food was okay, but I think it can be improved and the price was rather expensive considering its ordinary taste in my opinion. Since everyone's palate is different, you'd better visit there and try their food by yourself! :)

Lot 9


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