Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles | Karawaci - Tangerang

Located at Supermal Karawaci, Sukiya serves Tokyo bowls and ramen noodles. Tokyo bowl is the ultimate combination of tender thin-sliced beef cooked in sweet and flavorful aromatic broth served on top of moist and fragrant Japanese-style rice.
The place was not spacious, but comfortable enough.

Mushroom Gyudon + Fried Gyoza Set
Mushroom Gyudon (R) - IDR 41 K
The regular portion of Mushroom Gyudon costs IDR 41 K. The sliced beef was tender and well-seasoned.
We ordered the mushroom gyudon with the fried gyoza set which consisted of fried gyoza, miso soup and drink. It costs IDR 23 K for adding the fried gyoza set. The gyoza was slightly under seasoned, while the miso soup was okay. I expected there was some seaweed on the miso soup, but there wasn't.
Fried Gyoza Set - IDR 23 K

Paitan Ramen
Paitan Ramen - IDR 35 K
Paitan ramen is a white chicken soup ramen. The soup was flavorful with chicken broth.

Half Boiled Egg Gyudon + Beef Croquette Set
Half Boiled Egg Gyudon (R) - IDR 37 K
Regular portion of beef gyudon topped with half boiled egg. The beef had the same taste with the mushroom one. It was enjoyable.
Beef Croquette Set - IDR 16 K
Beef Croquette Set consisted of beef croquette, miso soup and drink. The beef croquette tasted bland and I can't taste the beef on it. It was disappointing.

Overall, the food was okay with affordable price. Although some of them needs improvement on its taste. I think I will come back to try their curry menu.

Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles
Supermal Karawaci, Lantai Upper Ground
Karawaci Tangerang

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