Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eastern Kopitiam

Nowadays, who doesn't know about Kopitiam? I think everyone knows what that is. Actually, kopitiam is a traditional coffee shop. The word kopi is the Hokkien term for coffee and tiam is the Hokkien term for shop. My dad is a fan of kopitiam. We decided to have a lunch at Eastern Kopitiam located at Downtown Walk, SMS.

Hakau - IDR 21 K
Hakau is my favorite dim sum. When I saw it on the menu, I ordered it directly. After I tasted it, I was disappointed. The shrimp wasn't crunchy and lack of seasoning.

Kwetiau Char Siu Ayam
Kwetiau Char Siu Ayam - IDR 31 K
This dish consisted of kwetiau, minced chicken, fried wonton skin, and char siu chicken slices on top. The kwetiau was a little bit overcooked, but minced chicken and char siu chicken slices were good. The fried wonton skin added texture to the food.

Bakmie Ayam Rica Manis
Bakmie Ayam Rica Manis - IDR 30 K
The noodle had a nice chewy texture. The chicken was too oily and needed more seasoning. Even though it's named as Ayam Rica, it was not spicy at all.

Nasi Hainam Ayam Panggang
Nasi Hainam Ayam Panggang - IDR 37 K
The hainam rice set comes with grilled chicken slices and a half boiled egg. The hainam rice had a nice fragrance and cooked nicely. The grilled chicken would be more delicious if it was marinated a little longer. For me, the sauce was the winner. It had a good sweet and savory combination. Somehow it reminds me of the char siu sauce. The grilled chicken tasted really good after dipping it on the sauce.

Kopi Susu - IDR 13,5 K

This place is a good place for hangout with friends or family. They serve various kind of food with reasonable price.

Eastern Kopitiam
Summarecon Mal Serpong
Downtown Walk DGF - 201 - 202

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