Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pondok Kemangi, BSD

Do you like Indonesian cuisine? I do. Especially when it comes to the spicy ones. I really love spicy foods. 
I would like to share about Indonesian restaurant located at BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai). It is Pondok Kemangi. This is one of my favorite restaurants. 
This place is spacious. There are non-smoking, smoking and lesehan area. You can choose where you want to be seated. 

As a complimentary, they serve three kinds of sambal which were sambal kecap, sambal mangga and sambal dabu-dabu. You can take as much as you want for free. But you'd better finish eating what you already take. Otherwise, you will be charged.
I really like the sambal mangga. The sweetness, sourness and spiciness were well-blended. It was refreshing.
Sambal mangga - complimentary

Genjer Cah Balacan
Genjer Cah Balacan - IDR 17 K

Pucuk Labu Cah Balacan
Pucuk Labu Cah Balacan - IDR 17 K

Karedok - IDR 16 K

Cumi Goreng Tepung

Cumi Goreng Tepung - IDR 40 K
The squid was crunchy, tasty and not chewy. But I thought the portion was too small.

Bakwan Jagung

Bakwan Jagung - IDR 20 K
Bakwan jagung a.k.a corn fritter is a homey dish. But you shouldn't underestimate it. It could be addictive. This one was crispy, but not dry. You still can taste the sweetness of the corn. Each portion consists of four pieces corn fritter.

Kerang Bambu Saus Padang

Kerang Bambu Saus Padang - IDR 30 K
I personally don't like this dish because the ginger flavor was too strong. I don't like ginger anyway. The bamboo clam was a little bit chewy. It would be delicious if it had a mild ginger flavor.

Gurame Bakar

Gurame Bakar - IDR 70 K
This dish will always be my favorite. The fish was well-marinated with various spices. It was so good. The seasoning was superb. I couldn't get enough of this. Don't forget the seasoning left on your fingers, it's finger licking good!

Dining at here was satisfying. I will definitely come back! ^_^

Pondok Kemangi Serpong

Jalan Raya Serpong kav 201
BSD sektor 6 no 7 (samping Isuzu)
Telp : 021 537 9226
Fax : 021 537 9042
Delivery: 021 537 9226

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