Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chuan Tin | Supermal Karawaci

Chinese food is one of my top choices to eat. It will never go wrong.
Last Friday, I had lunch at Chuan Tin restaurant with my friends. It is located at Supermal Karawaci.
The place was not spacious but quite comfortable.
The Condiments

Bakmie Goreng Malay (Malaysian Stir-fried Noodle)
Bakmie Goreng Malay - IDR 35.2 K
This one was the winning dish for me! It had a smokey fragrant and incredibly delicious. A good combination of salty, sweet and spicy. This is a must try menu!

Lumpia Udang (Fried Shrimp Roll)
Lumpia Udang - IDR 60.5 K
With a generous amount of shrimp filling and the crunchy breading, these was undeniable.

Lindung Kumak
Lindung Kumak - IDR 49.5 K
The seasoning of the veggie was good and the accompanying fried eel was also great.

Cumi Cabe Garam (Chilli Salt Squid)
Cumi Cabe Garam - IDR 41.8 K
This chilli salt squid had both a good texture and taste. The squid was neither chewy nor smelly. Only one down point was the fried chopped garlic which tasted a little bit bitter.

Bistik Sapi (Indonesian Fried Beef Steak)
Bistik Sapi - IDR 52.8 K
This was a fried beef steak served with fried potatoes and sweet and sour sauce. Beef was not dry and still juicy. But I think the sauce and seasoning can be improved.
Overall, I was completely satisfied dining here. The food was delicious with reasonable price. I will come back for sure to try another menu. :)

Chuan Tin
Supermal Karawaci LG Floor

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