Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fortu Coffee Shop | Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Another coffee shop in town, Fortu Coffee Shop. Not recently opened though. It is located at Ruko Vienna, Gading Serpong (near Stella Maris School).
The place consisted of two floors, first floor was non-smoking room and second floor was smoking room (if I'm not mistaken).
It was not spacious, but comfy enough.
It took a quite long time (almost one hour) until my order was served. I asked the cashier why and he said that there was only one staff at the kitchen at that time. It's quite disappointing.

Chicken Teriyaki over Rice
Chicken Teriyaki over Rice - IDR 30 K
Deep-fried chicken breast topped with teriyaki sauce and served with steamed rice and fried egg. The steamed rice was too dry and hard to swallow. The chicken breast was crispy and my biggest complaint is lack of seasoning on it. 

Chicken & Fries
Chicken & Fries - IDR 35 K
Deep-fried chicken breasts served with french fries. The chicken was crispy but bland. Same with the chicken on previous dish.
The only one that's not disappointing was the seasoned french fries. It was simply enjoyable, delicious!

Vanilla Pancake with Chocolate Ice Cream
Vanilla Pancake with Chocolate Ice Cream - IDR 30 K
I can't say much about this dish. The ice cream was obviously yummy. Here's the thing, the pancake was not under-cooked but I could still taste the flour of the pancake.
Overall, I was disappointed about the food. Since it's a coffee shop, they're probably not really paying much attention to the food. I don't really know though. But in my opinion, it can be improved in taste. It will be better if they can serve both delicious drinks and food, right? :)

Fortu Coffee Shop
Ruko Vienna Blok A-21
Gading Serpong

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