Friday, July 8, 2016

Amen Restaurant | Cipanas - Puncak

Since I was a kid, everytime I go to Puncak, I usually ended up dining at this restaurant. So for me, this place is a legendary must visit restaurant at Puncak. I guess most of you already know about Amen Restaurant, right? Amen Restaurant serves various kind of Chinese home cooking cuisine.
On my visit, the place was very packed and almost full.

Po Cay Hot Plate Sapi
Po Cay is known as Japanese spinach. It's one of my favorite veggies btw.
Po Cay Hot Plate Sapi - IDR 90 K ++
This one is Japanese spinach cooked in a hot plate with beef and quail eggs. Definitely my favorite dish in here!

Kodok Batu (Saklon) Goreng Mentega
Kodok Goreng Mentega - IDR 95 K ++
A pan fried frog with butter sauce. Look at those crispy frog skins!
This one tasted good and the skins were crispy. But I think it would be nice if the sauce could be more generous.

Mun Tahu
Mun Tahu - IDR 70 K ++
Braised tofu with ground chicken and shrimps. Nothing special about this one. One thing that I'm sure about is my mom can cook better than this! :)

Buncis Szechuan
Buncis Szechuan - IDR 65 K ++
Stir-fried szechuan green beans with minced beef.
This one was good with a little bit spicy taste.

Ayam Goreng Go Hiong
Ayam Goreng Go Hiong - IDR 65 K ++
It's also known as Ngohiong Fried Chicken or Five-spices Fried Chicken.
The boneless chicken was used in this dish. It was crispy and tasty with a taste of ngohiong on it.

Orange Juice
Orange Juice - IDR 28 K ++
Overall, dining here brings back my old days memories. The food tasted good. But in my opinion, some of the food are a little bit pricey for its ordinary taste. But some of them are worth it.

Amen Restaurant
Jl. Raya Pasekon No. 18 Palasari
Kecamatan Cianjur, Jawa Barat

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