Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bakmie Medan 168 Aek Eddy | Gading Serpong - Tangerang

Bakmie Medan 168 Aek Eddy is located at Boulevard Gading Serpong. The place is easy to find because it is beside the boulevard. On my visit, it was so packed.

Nasi Goreng Babi
Nasi Goreng Babi (Regular) - IDR 26 K
A plateful of pork fried rice. This one was regular portion, but as you probably can see, the portion was big and shareable. If you're a big eater, perhaps you can finish it by yourself. It had toppings such as pork slices, fish meatballs and pork sausage. This fried rice tasted good and of course satisfying.

Bakmie Medan
Bakmie Medan (Regular) - IDR 17 K
The noodle had a nice texture and the portion was satisfying (for me). It had pork slices, minced pork, a quarter half-boiled egg, bean sprouts, and veggies as its toppings.

Mie Goreng Babi
Mie Goreng Babi (Regular) - IDR 26 K
This Pork Fried Noodles was also in regular size. But the portion was not as much as the fried rice's portion. They used a thick noodle (I think it's called Hokkian Noodle). It also tasted delicious and not too oily (still tolerable).

Suikiau (5 pcs) - IDR 22 K
The fillings inside Suikiau are mostly chopped prawns and it was full. But unfortunately, it was kind of lacking in flavor.

Overall, the food tasted good, but I think the taste of Suikiau can be improved. If you're looking for big portion good food with affordable price, you'd better come here.

Bakmie Medan 168 Aek Eddy

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