Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Quiznos Sub | Karawaci - Tangerang

Quiznos is franchise toasting subs which is located at several area in Jabodetabek. This store that I visited last week is located at Supermal Karawaci. The place was quite spacious but comfy enough.
They have 3 size options for the sandwich, which are 6", 9" and 12". And for the types of bread which is used for the sandwiches, there are white bread, wheat bread and rosemary parmesan bread. My favorite is the rosemary parmesan.
You could experience a self-service dining format here. After ordering, you have to pick your order up at the counter and bring it to your table by yourself.

Classic Italian
Classic Italian (6 inch) - IDR 55 K
Sandwich with red vinaigrette dressing, tomato, red onion, black olive, chicken ham, beef salami, beef pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and lettuce.

Chicken Carbonara Pizza
Chicken Carbonara Pizza - IDR 55 K
A thin crust pizza with alfredo dressing, chicken strip, beef bacon, mushroom and mozzarella cheese. The pizza was savory and delicious. Must try! :)

Zesty Steak
Zesty Steak (6 inch) - IDR 70 K
Sandwich with honey bourbon dressing, zesty grille dressing, sauteed onions, mushrooms, steak, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese. This one was so meaty and cheesy. It's perfect for the meat lovers.

Ice Americano
Ice Americano - IDR 28 K
Overall, in my opinion, comparing to Subway, Subway is slightly more delicious than Quiznos. But it doesn't mean Quiznos taste bad. I think I will come back here when I'm craving for sandwich.


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