Friday, July 3, 2015

[CLOSED] Amorino's | Italian Restaurant

Amorino's is an Italian restaurant that has opened in Supermal Karawaci, located across Debenhams. In Italian, Amorino means cupid. On my visit, there were an Italian man whom I assumed was the owner, an Italian woman who is the head chef and several waiters. This place is not really spacious, but quite comfortable.

Tagliolini Al Nero Di Seppia E Salmone
Tagliolini Al Nero Di Seppia E Salmone - IDR 75 K ++
Tagliolini Al Nero Di Seppia E Salmone is home made pasta in squid ink and salmon. Its name is pretty long, right? I can't exactly describe the taste of this dish. But this dish is surely not my favorite.

Lasagna Bolognese
Lasagna Bolognese - IDR 70 K ++
This generous portion of beef lasagna is indeed my favorite. It was creamy, cheesy but not over powering. It makes me want to dig in again and again. This one is the best lasagna I've ever tasted so far.

Bacon & Funghi Pizza
Bacon & Funghi Pizza - IDR 85 K ++
A crispy thin crust pizza topped with bacon and funghi. Personally, I think it was lacking in seasoning and toppings.
Iced Tea - IDR 19 K ++

Amorino's Restaurant
Supermal Karawaci
Unit #106-107

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