Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chung Gi Wa 청기와 (Part 2)

Chung Gi Wa has been my favorite Korean restaurant. I've fallen in love with their food since my first visit. I want to keep coming back so I can try out all the dishes on the menu.
This time I tried the Lunch Special Menu. They offer special menu for lunch time and dinner time. Lunch Special Menu will be available from 10 am - 4 pm, and Dinner Special Menu will be available from 4 pm. They set different prices to the Lunch Special Menu and Dinner Special Menu.

Jeyuk Deopbab (제육 )
Jeyuk Deopbab - IDR 38 K ++

It is spicy stir-fried pork with rice. The pork was tender and juicy. The fluffy steamed rice itself was yummy. The soup was tasty. With these generous portions, you won't leave hungry.

Ojingeo Deopbab (오징어 )
Ojingeo Deopbab - IDR 38 K ++
Ojingeo deopbab is spicy stir-fried squid served with rice. The seasoning had the same great flavor as the Jeyuk Deopbab. Both were delicious. The squid was perfectly cooked and not chewy.

Tteokbokki (떡볶이)
Tteokbokki - IDR 35 K ++
Most of you already know about tteokbokki, I assume. Tteokbokki is spicy rice cake which is one of the most famous Korean street food. I am a fan of it and I make it several times at home. This tteokbokki tasted delicious even though the rice cakes were a little bit overcooked.

Yangnyeom Chikin (양념 )
1/2 Yangnyeom Chikin (Seasoning Chicken) - IDR 80 K +
They serve two types of fried chicken which are Fried Chicken and Seasoning Chicken. You could order a half or a whole chicken. It will take approximately 45 minutes until your order is ready to serve. This well-seasoned chicken was crispy outside and juicy inside. The caramelised sauce was finger lickin' good and this was the perfect blend of savory, sweet and spicy. It makes my mouth water just looking at it.

Banchan (Side Dishes)
Banchan - Gyeran Mari (Korean Rolled Omelette)
Personally, I can easily find my happiness just by eating delicious food. And I can find it here. So if you ask me whether I will eat here again or not, you already know my answer. Right? :)

Chung Gi Wa
Supermall Karawaci UG #3A

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