Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Siauw A Tjiap | Chinese (Hakka) Restaurant

Siauw A Tjiap is one of the famous old times Chinese Restaurants. They have been serving Hakka cuisine for many years. I assume many of you have already heard about it. You could visit here for old times' sake.

Lindung Cah Fumak
Lindung Cah Fumak (Small) - IDR 56 K +
The deep fried eel was crispy and tasty. It was a good combination with the vegetable. I love this!

Ayam Rebus Siram Minyak
Ayam Rebus (Half) - IDR 57.5 K +
The chicken itself tasted like an ordinary boiled chicken. The highlight of this dish was those crispy fried garlic on top of the chicken. It was fragrant, crispy and tasty. It would be more delicious if they used sesame oil on this dish.

Lumpia Udang

Lumpia Udang - IDR 42.5 K +
It didn't taste as good as Ta Wan's lumpia udang. It seemed to be lacking flavor.

Kakap Tahu Tausi

Kakap Tahu Tausi - IDR 52.5 K +
The snapper fillets didn't smell fishy. They got along nicely with the sauce. The black beans added texture to the dish.

Siauw A Tjiap

Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok M Kav No. 12
Jakarta Utara

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