Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pancious | Central Park Mall

On Sunday, I went to Central Park Mall to meet my friends. After strolling around, we decided to have lunch at Pancious. It is not spacious but quite comfortable.

Roast Chicken Porcini
Roast Chicken Porcini - IDR 95 K ++
Roast chicken leg poured with porcini sauce, served with mashed potato and salad. Porcini are a famous and delicious mushrooms in Italian cuisine. This well-seasoned chicken was moist and yummy.

Fettuccine Carbonara
Fettuccine Carbonara - IDR 64.5 K++
Fettuccine served with carbonara, smoked beef, cream and egg. It was creamy but not overwhelming.

Grilled Sausage & Hashbrown
Grilled Sausage & Hashbrown - IDR 60.5 K ++
This dish is completed with two sausages, hashbrown, scrambled eggs, grilled tomato and salad. The scrambled eggs was soft but lacking in seasoning. I don't know what sausages they served, but it tasted weird and I don't like it. What I like in this dish are the yummy hashbrown and the interesting salad. 

Beef Bacon & Egg
Beef Bacon & Egg - IDR 58 K ++
A pancake served with beef bacon, mushroom, sunny side up egg, cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese. 

Caramelized Banana
Caramelized Banana - IDR 42 K ++
A pancake served with caramelized banana, vanilla ice cream and poured with palm sugar sauce. The pancake was half cooked and mushy. The caramelized banana was too sweet. It's disappointing.
Oreo Milkshake - IDR 39.5 K ++
Lychee Ice Tea - IDR 33 K ++

Pancious - Central Park Mall
Ground Level, Unit TGF-16
Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall
Jl.S. Parman Kav 28, Jakarta 11470
(021) 2920 0484

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