Saturday, November 21, 2015

[CLOSED] Ayam Goreng Pemuda Surabaya | Summarecon Mal Serpong

Hello guys.. Today, I want to share one of my favorite places to eat. It is Ayam Goreng Pemuda Surabaya which is located at Food Temptation, Summarecon Mal Serpong. It is not a fancy restaurant, but definitely worth a try. There are various kinds of Indonesian food, such as Sop Buntut, Rawon, Iga Bakar, etc but their speciality is Ayam Goreng Pemuda.

Paket Empal Goreng
Paket Empal Goreng - IDR 32 K
This Paket Empal consisted of steamed rice (you can change it to coconut rice), empal goreng (Sundanese Bruised Fried Meat), tempe goreng (Fried Tempeh), tahu goreng (Fried Tofu), sayur asem (Sundanese Sour Vegetables Soup) and lalapan.
This empal was well-marinated with coconut milk and so good. The sayur asem had some kind of appetizing effect and is refreshing. 
Look at those sambal! It was a good condiment to add taste and flavor to your food.

Paket Nasi Rawon
Paket Nasi Rawon - IDR 37 K
Rawon is a strong rich tasting traditional Indonesian beef black soup which originated from East Java Province. It uses black nuts or keluak (fruits of kepayang tree) as the main spice which gives the strong flavor and dark color to the soup.
This Paket Rawon came with steamed rice and tempe goreng (fried tempeh). The rawon soup was flavorful, meanwhile the beef was generously served, so tender and juicy.

Paket Iga Bakar
Paket Iga Bakar - IDR 35 K
This one is my favorite. Grilled Beef Rib served with steamed rice and soup. The rib was well-marinated, tender, juicy and so delicious. The soup had a rich broth and was tasty.

Ayam Goreng Pemuda Surabaya
Food Temptation Summarecon Mal Serpong
2nd Floor 2F - 58
021 - 54205122

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