Saturday, December 19, 2015

Soto Bu Tjondro | Alam Sutera

Holiday season is just around the corner. Yippiiieee..
Today I want to share with you about this eating place called Soto Bu Tjondro. It is located at Ruko Jalur Sutera, Alam Sutera. They serve Indonesian food with a good taste and very nice price. The place is not really spacious but homey. It is usually packed with visitors.

Nasi Soto Pisah
Nasi Soto Pisah - IDR 19 K
Soto (Soto Ayam) is an Indonesian version of chicken soup which is a clear chicken broth brightened by turmeric and other herbs. It is usually served with cellophane noodles, shredded chicken, bean sprouts, fried shallots, chopped celery leaves, and a boiled egg.
For you who are wondering why it's called Nasi Soto Pisah, it's because the steamed rice is served separately from the Soto. If you don't like this version of Nasi Soto, you could order their Nasi Soto Campur which the steamed rice is mixed in the Soto.
This Nasi Soto was rich of flavor. Despite the lack of chicken, it was still delicious. 

Paket Hemat (Ayam Goreng)
Paket Hemat (Nasi + Ayam Goreng Negeri + Sayur Asam) - IDR 21 K
The fried chicken with crunchy flakes (or in Indonesian called Ayam Goreng Kremes) was the highlight of this dish. It was crispy and tasty. The crunchy flakes (Kremesan) was also addictive. 
P.S You could ask for more crunchy flakes if it was not enough. :)

Paket Hemat (Ayam Bakar)
Paket Hemat (Nasi + Ayam Bakar Negeri + Sayur Asam) - IDR 21 K
The grilled chicken was also good and well marinated. Their sayur asam (vegetables in tamarind soup) was refreshingly yummy and well-combined with the chicken.

Overall, I always enjoy dining here. Especially because the food is delicious and the price is really affordable. The plus point is, you can get the sambal (Indonesian chili sauce) as much as you want. I really love sambal and spicy food by the way. 

Soto Bu Tjondro
Ruko Jalur Sutera Blok 29 D No. 20
Jl. Jalur Sutera, Alam Sutera
Serpong Utara, Tangerang  
(021)30448504 - (021)53140075 

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